Lifetime Guarantee

By selecting Fairfield Collision Center to Repair your vehicle, you receive a Fairfield Collision Center “Lifetime Guarantee” for the Repair.

What This Guarantee Covers:

This Guarantee covers, and is limited to, the Repair. Under this Guarantee, Fairfield Collision Center, at not cost to you, will arrange for the correction of any Repair that fails to meet generally accepted industry standards for form, fit, finish, durability and functionality, as commonly recognized in the U.S. automobile repair industry at the time of the Repair (Generally Accepted Industry Standards). In addition, Fairfield Collision Center, at no cost to you, will provide you with a rental vehicle while the corrective repairs provided under this Guarantee are being completed.

What This Guarantee Does Not Cover:

This Guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear or damage caused by improper maintenance, neglect, abuse or subsequent accident.

This Guarantee does not apply to any work on a Covered Repair performed by anyone other than a FCC Authorized Repair Facility (“Unauthorized Person”). Any work on a Repair by Unauthorized Person will void this Guarantee.

How Long This Guarantee Last:

This Guarantee applies for as long as you own or lease your vehicle. This Guarantee is not transferable and terminates if you sell or otherwise transfer your vehicle.

How To Get Service:

To get service under this Guarantee, notify Fairfield Collision Center of any problems related to a Covered Repair by calling Fairfield Collision Center at 203-367-7483.

This guarantee is Fairfield Collision Center’s exclusive obligation with respect to the repair.

This guarantee is limited to the correction of any covered repair that fails to meet generally accepted industry standards. Accordingly, Fairfield Collision Center shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental or consequential damages from a covered repair.